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7 Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Dallas Brake Repair Service Near You

Having to repair your vehicle's brakes doesn't happen often, but when you need to do so, you want to make sure that whoever is handling the job knows what they're doing. If your vehicle needs to a Dallas brake repair specialist to diagnose potential brake problems, here are 7 things to look for during your search.

1. Check online reviews of local brake repair shops.

One easy way to start your brake repair search is to look around online. Online reviews will give you a glimpse into both the quality of their work, and the level of customer service you can expect. Keep in mind that not all businesses will receive a constant stream of 5-star reviews, so make sure to really read the low ratings and see exactly what the customer is complaining about. Repeat low ratings are a big red flag, especially with a business that deals in making sure your vehicle is road safe.

2. Find out what type of brake pads they use.

Brakes are one of those car parts that you don't want to cheap out on. If you haven't purchased brake pads before, you probably don't know that there are a few types of brake pads to choose from. They're also a safety mechanism that keeps both you and other drivers around you safe, so finding ones that offer the longest life and best quality can keep your vehicle's brakes in top shape.

3. Are their brake technicians ASE certified?

While being ASE certified isn't necessary, it is definitely a great sign. An ASE certification is given out by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. When certified technicians are handling your auto repairs, you can rest assured that they're probably better.

4. Find a shop that services your vehicle's type or brand.

If you drive a higher-end vehicle, sometimes finding a local shop that deals with just your brand can be your best bet. European vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche sometimes need special parts and attention that only specialized technicians can provide.

5. Find out how long they've been in business.

An auto repair shop that's been around for awhile means they've been fairly successful and establishes some credibility. If you can't find out how long a shop has been by searching around online, feel free to call the location and ask a few questions to vet their experience.

6. How convenient is their repair location and repair time?

No one has time to sit around at a repair shop and wait for their brakes to be replaced. The amount of time that you have to commute to the local repair shop, and also sit in their lobby waiting for your vehicle to be inspected, can be burdensome for many busy working people. No one wants to waste time sitting at a repair shop, and many people can't, but keeping your brakes healthy is of utmost importance.

7. Do they offer warranties?

A warranty on brake pads and parts is essential, but shops should also provide a warranty on their work in case anything ever goes wrong. An example of a warranty would  a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty on brake pads. This will warrant your brakes for a substantial time, and help keep your vehicle in driving condition.

Utilize a Dallas Mobile Brake Repair Service

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