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How Much Does A Brake Pad Replacement Cost In Plano?

If you’re struggling to find a great deal in Plano or might be confused about what all needs to be done to your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. Everybody hates to be up-sold, so let's figure out what exactly is going on with your car and diagnose it before you head to the shop. NuBrakes specializes in brake repair, but we love to share our knowledge so we have informed buyers getting exactly what they need to stay out of the shop and on the road longer. Let's dive into brake repair!

What Might Be Going On To Your Car?

There are a number of variables that might make your car drive differently but brakes can cause some very distinct changes. It's important to note which particular difference you are experiencing so you can have that problem properly adjusted with a technician.

Brake Light Turns On

When the brake light turns on, its telling you that it's time to have your brake pads looked at or replaced. There's no need to worry yet, but scheduling an appointment with a technician in the near future is a great idea.

Strange Grinding or Squealing Noise

If you hear any noises coming from your brakes, have them looked at immediately. Most of the time, the squealing noise is your brake pads wear indicators notifying you that they’re on their last leg. Grinding means that there is metal on metal contact and could lead to having your rotors resurfaced or replaced.

Vibration In Your Pedal

When your brake pedals vibrates, the rotors are uneven and need to be resurfaced or replaced. This comes from the metal on metal contact we discussed above during the grinding stage.

Loose Brake Pedals

Loose brake pedals are a sign that there is either air in the brake lines or a loss of fluid. Thankfully this is an easy repair to replacing your whole brake pads.

Car Leaning to One Side of The Road

If your car is leaning to one side, your brake calipers are applying pressure more heavily to one side of your car than the other. Call a technician because this could be a fairly simple repair.

Brake Pad Replacement Cost in Plano

To make sure you get the best brake pad replacement cost, we recommend calling around to get fair estimate evaluation. Any reputable shop will be happy to give you an estimate over the phone. A reasonable price for just brake pads is between $124-$230 per axle with a high end of $450 for both axles. An extra $155-389 per axle to get the rotors replaced as well, with an average of $449 to replace both pads and rotors for each axle.

The variation of price is dependent on the type of brake pad used, brand of brake pad, and servicing fee.

What Kind of Brake Pads Should Be Used On My Car?

At NuBrakes, we always recommend not settling for the cheaper option because it always comes with a cheaper outcome. Higher quality brake pads last longer and are more durable for larger vehicles. If you do drive a truck or SUV then we highly recommend either platinum or ceramic pads, these will last anywhere between 40,000-50,000 miles before they need to be looked at. If you drive a sedan we still recommend going with higher quality brake pads, but platinum will complete the job.

Here’s a list of some of our top brake pad brands that we recommend: Wagner, Carquest, Akebono, AC Delco, and Brembo.

Also, some repair shops will provide different warranties dependent on which type of brake pad you purchase. At NuBrakes we always give our NuBrakes Guarantee to make sure you get where you’re going safely without adding to the list of things to worry about.

Schedule a Top-Rated Brake Pad Replacement in Plano

At NuBrakes, our highly-qualified and certified brake technicians provide on-site brake pad replacements at your office or home. We use top of the line ceramic brake pads and back them up with our NuBrakes Guarantee to ensure they work like they should. Receive a free Plano brake pad replacement cost estimate and let us show you why you should never waste time sitting around in a brake shop lobby again.

Brake problems? Schedule a free brake repair estimate now.

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