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How Much Does A Brake Pad Replacement Cost In Austin, TX?

With a city as busy as Austin, having to take care of brake maintenance is just another thing to add to your daily planner. Frustration can come in a number of ways from where to find a reputable shop for a reasonable price to scheduling time to get around to replacing them. NuBrakes is here to help give a rundown for various aspects of your brakes and what to expect as for pricing in the vast Austin market of brake repair.

Is It About Time To Have Your Brakes Looked At?

Car brakes are one of the few pieces on the car that you can start to hear and feel a difference in when they need to be replaced. The trick is to know the warning signs, so you don’t end up paying additional costs for more parts than you originally needed.

  • Brakes start to make a grinding noise when applying pressure to the pedal
  • Car starts leaning to one side of the road when you stop
  • Vibrating in the brake pedal when coming to a stop
  • Brake pedal is less responsive when you apply pressure

Letting your brakes wear down enough can cause warping in the rotor and lead to having them resurfaced or even replaced. If you start to experience any of the signs above, call a specialist and get them checked.

Brake Pad Replacement Cost In Austin, TX

For a standard brake pad replacement cost in Austin you could be looking anywhere between $129-$1,100 with an average of $354 to get all brake pads replaced on each axle. The variation in price comes from the brand of brake pad, material of brake pad purchased, and the servicing fee for each appointment scheduled. Some top brake pad brands to mention are Wagner, Carquest, Akebono, AC Delco, and Brembo. A decent shop will carry these top brands to make sure your car gets serviced well.

How Often Should You Replace Your Brakes In Austin?

For a city that starts and ends its day in traffic, brake pads wear down at a higher rate. Stop and go traffic has a tremendous impact on the wear of your brake pads, which means replacing them more often than the average 50,000 miles. The type of brake pad also can determine the duration of time for each pad. NuBrakes recommends upgrading to either platinum of ceramic pads to keep you out of the shop and on the road longer.

Schedule A Top-Rated Brake Pad Replacement In Austin, TX

At NuBrakes, our highly-qualified and certified brake technicians provide on-site brake pad replacements at your office or home. We use top of the line ceramic brake pads and back them up with our NuBrakes Guarantee to ensure they work like they should. Receive a free Austin brake pad replacement estimate and let us show you why you should never waste time sitting around in a brake shop lobby again.

Brake problems? Schedule a free brake repair estimate now.

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